Consultancy Services

"The expertise you need to make the most of your IT assets."


We operate in many markets with the aim of ensuring all clients receive an experienced and knowledgeable service supported by specific sector understanding.
We are catering into following Domains and Technologies:

  • Telecom
  • Healthcare
  • Finance- Banking
  • Immigration
  • Enterprise Product Engineering
  • Infrastructure Management Services
  • Application Development
  • Storage
  • Semiconductor
  • Testing
  • Telecom and Wireless
  • Services
  • Networking

Cugete professional staffing services methodology is laid out from the vast experience of its senior management team and the leaders in the organization. We cater to several needs of the customers in all the areas of an IT organization – Strategy Consultants, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Architects, Database Administrators, Programmers, QA testers, Infrastructure Specialists and Support Personnel. We pay great amount of detail in staffing at any level as we believe that quality of our professionals is what makes our customer successful. Our methodology is very robust and has several different steps. Those are:
Resource Pool Expertise
With a huge demand for talented IT resources, there is a lot of competition. Many customers find it difficult to attract and retain good technical professionals. We at Cugete have expertise in getting excellent quality resources. Our aggressive recruiters know where and how to find the best IT talent. They have all the details available about the market such as how much they earn, what are the roles they will be interested, their preferences for relocation/ and when they’re available. We also understand their priorities and what it takes to attract and retain them.
Customer Requirement/ Knowledge
We take the time to understand clients’ needs and their business. We elicit a lot more information about the customer - their IT initiatives, work culture and environment. With this information in hand about the customer, Cugete is empowered to represent the customer to the potential consultant.
Searching Process
Several staffing organizations push the resumes from job sites to the customer. There is no value add to the customer in this process. We at Cugete do this very differently. We create and hold our own resource pool of professionals. We are 100% confident of delivery because our resource pool are our own employees and not from a sub-vendor.
Screening and Selecting Resources
Cugete screening and selection stage is very rigorous, thorough and very detailed. Before we get the resources on our payroll, we screen every resume, host face-to-face interviews, conduct multiple rounds of technical assessments by SME’s, and perform detailed reference checks prior. We prevent the wastage of time and effort by the customer in reviewing of resumes which are not screened and also in interviewing not the right fit.
Retaining Talent
Cugete has a formal process to consistently communicate with our customers and our onsite employees throughout their assignments/ projects. This enables us to keep our technical professionals focused on customer projects. We have continuous training programs to train personnel on several technologies, so that their skills are updated. Our SME’s who impart the training are the best in the industry.
IT Strategy is the key to innovating your business processes and internal / external information flow to utilize information technology to enrich business systems.

Our cutting edge technology experts/ architects/ leaders help the client companies in systematizing the IT needs and put together a strategic plan It comprises of assimilating, process and analyzing information as well as all its touch points; and then putting the entire sets of various information and points of interactivity together to churn out the most efficient method of connecting them. Moreover, strategy is long-term and could be broken out in short-term action steps which lead to achievement of the strategy.

The IT strategy of a client organization can make you a frontrunner or a laggard vis-à-vis your competition. In an age when businesses cannot dream to operate without some IT infrastructure, it becomes very important that IT hardware and software is not acquired and deployed in a haphazard manner. Rather, it should be a well-strategized move with progressive investments of time and money in IT infrastructure.

We have top notch world class experts at developing customized IT strategy for businesses. We perform current needs vs future needs gap analysis, establish general standards for purchase and management of IT infrastructure, define project implementation dates, suggest financial estimations and budgets, and update the strategy from time to time with changes in your business needs or the overall business environment.

IT Strategy development and implementation is a highly specialized function, which requires in-depth expertise, rich experience, superior confidence, greater business acumen, and a capability to visualize the future. And, this is exactly what a client gets when they work with the IT Strategists at MCS.