Digital Publishing


Constant pressure to publish better, faster and cheaper means publishers require continual improvement in end-product quality, production costs, and cycle times.A dynamic readership base and a competitive marketplace require agility to scale up or down, as and when the market needs demand.
Achieving this best-cost, flexible publishing without compromising quality requires committed, competent partners with close knowledge of your publishing business— partners with sophisticated operational systems and an expert resource base that can be rapidly deployed to meet your unique and changing requirements.

Our well experience and calibrated editorial & proofreading team have genuine passion on working with various subjects, and they provide realistic, reasonable support to our customers by providing comprehensive editing & proofreading cost effectively. We offer the following services:

Development editing
Key factors
  • Manage developmental work of book/journals
  • end-to-end management of the peer-review process
  • Assist the authors regarding the language editing or queries related to writing process
  • Acquisition and summation of manuscript reviews
  • Transmit the materials to production and assist production regarding queries from copy editor
  • Support of marketing materials
  • Develop cover for the books/journal

Permission management

We ensure that all permissions for copyrighted material used in the book or article have been obtained? The process involve:

  • Project analysis
  • Identify original publishers
  • Apply for permissions
  • Coordinate with authors & publishers
  • Maintain permission logs

Manuscript preparation

Our editorial team do technical assessment on the author manuscript and make it ready for the production as below:

  • Detailed manuscript preparation, with an eye towards future composition/production needs.
  • Creating outlines of chapters
  • Creating Table of Contents
  • Inputting author changes from hard copy to e-files
  • Art assessment (Re-draw, Re-labelling, Color correction, Re-sizing, Pre-flighting)
  • Chapter logging & creating reports
  • Cast-off and budgeting advice
  • Compiling contributor database including affiliation information
  • Research missing reference information


We have professional editorial team, who handle academic and scientific books and journals for subjects like Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Medical Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Our copy-editing services are flexible and tailored to each client's requirements. Based on an excerpt of the material we propose a copy-editing level (light, moderate or intensive), to our clients, however we respect our client's right to decide on the levels.

Our editors, apart from their copyediting skills, are trained in contemporary ePublishing requirements that enable the production of content-rich mark-ups.

Our editors' skill sets are:

  • Mechanical Markup
  • Technical Editing
  • Light Editing
  • Language Polishing


Our experienced proofreaders ensure the final text is accurate, consistent and of a professional, publishable standard. We also offer a proofreading service to authors, so that they can rest assured that their manuscript is ready to send to the printers, or to agents/publishers. All of our proofreaders are eagle-eyed, and they are sticklers for consistency!

How our proofreader works?

Proofreading is the last stage in the editorial process – the final check-through before the text is published. Ideally, to ensure that the material is at its best, the text has already been professionally copy-edited before it arrives on the book proofreader's desk. Our professional proofreaders look-in to the following areas:

Accuracy: Correcting errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar, catching all the misspellings, spotting that misplaced apostrophe and sorting dodgy verb agreements.

Consistency: Maintaining and Sticking to the consistency. They bring the text neatly into line, ensuring a consistent style is applied in areas such as capitalisation, italicisation, hyphenation, punctuation and spelling styles.

Please note that our proofreading does not involve improving the writing style in any way, so they never rewrite clumsy sentences or improve flow. We understand that that's the job of a copy editor.

Language Polishing

If your book is to be clear, accessible, interesting, memorable and effective, the language needs to be of a good standard. Some authors need only minimal support; others need more intensive copy-editing; but all authors, no matter how accomplished, experienced or skilled, can benefit from our language polishing. The service helps non-native English-speaking authors to get their language polished.

Our typesetting & imaging professionals possess hands-on working experience of conventional and contemporary requirements of the publishing industry.

Using contemporary technology, Cugete specializes in top-value typesetting of STM and design intensive books, journals, catalogs, technical manuals and newsletters based on XML using the state-of-the-art composition tools 3B2, QuarkXpress, InDesign, Pagemaker, Framemaker, LaTeX, CorelVentura and MSWord. We accept any form of input and produce output as XML, ePub, HTML, ePDF, pPDF for printing, hosting and archiving.

Journal Typesetting

Cugete provides end-to-end composition services for STM journals with passion and quicker turnarounds. Our composition includes from straight text to complex mathematics with wide variety of design specifications ranging from simple one column to multi-column in single color to multi-color journals.

Area of Expertise: STM, Humanities, Law

Books & Catalogs Typesetting


Area of Expertise: STM, Law, K12, Children, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Humanites, Social Science, Comic, Technical Manuals and Catalogues

XML-First Typesetting

We create XML files with our own in-house standard for composition. Our workflow model ensure quick and accurate output generation with fast turnarounds. We create final XML from the in-house XML instance. Our XML conversion and Quality check procedures ensures generation of well-formed XML for immediate publishing requirements.

Our hands-on expertise in the XML domain drive us to handle journal project with proactive approach. As we work with multiple DTDs, we shall resolve issues, quick-fix the bugs and execute different constructs of the markup languages in journals/books. Our knowledge expertise allow us to deliver journal articles ahead of print and we shall take care of the validation and uploading the digitized contents to the respective hoster's platforms as per the specification provided.

Translation and Localization

Localization is the art of adapting a product or service to a different culture. Localization includes translation of various documents, as well as linguistic changes so that the product suits the target market and its culture.

Cugete provides language services across 20 different languages which include French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and Swedish. We also offer Composition and content testing services for the following:

Books | Journals | Catalogues | Product manuals | User guides | Marketing materials | Technical documentation | Graphic localization | Presentation localization | Web localization


At our Design Studio, we deliver artworks in various formats suitable for typesetting, printing and web publishing. Our expertise is to provide better than the best quality artworks.

We handle all type of graphic requirement for publishing that includes scanning, artwork integration, line-art creating, redrawing and editing. Our artist posses in working with almost all popular graphical softwares including Autocad, Chem Window and Chem Draw.

Scanning: High-resolution scanners are used for scanning half-tones, microfilms, transparencies and slides. All halftones are color corrected using calibrated monitors.

Line art expertise: We have rich experience in working with complex line-arts, maps, chemical structured artworks and capable of delivering with high quality.

Creative Line-art: Our experienced artists produce creative art which covers medical, environmental, biological, cartoons, etc. Our artists do draw by hand or software and digitize the same with high-level quality.

Indexing and abstracting are practical arts. We understand the importance of the information in those records founded, and the validity and completeness of that information still relies on the expertise of human indexers and abstractors. Our Abstractors and Indexers work on this aspect and create abstracts and indexes to:

  • Minimize the time and effort and
  • Maximize the searching success

Our technical writing team have sound knowledge in writing abstracts and can handle Scientific, Technical, Medical, Law, Books and Journals.

Cugete provides subject and author indexing services for both books and journals. We have a well-qualified network of indexers who understand the importance of information extraction from the document and constructing index words to reflect the core concept of the entire book.

Type of Indexes we handle:

  • Name indexes
  • Subject indexes
  • Map indexes
  • Artifacts indexes
  • Address indexes

Surrogates of different materials

  • Books
  • Periodicals
  • Images
  • Database
  • Numerical data