Web Hosting

“A good quality website helps clients to effectively pick, choose and order your products online.”


You are planning to build a new website and you need to find a good web hosting company? There are many to choose from, and finding the best web site hosting providers for your website may be quite a challenging task. We have been operating in website design business for more than 10 years, so we have tested a huge number of servers. On this page we would like to present to you some choices, we think are high-quality picks with affordable prices. In our experience, good website hosting – better server uptimes, ergonomic control panels, up-to-date operating systems, systematic backups, fast databases and professional technical support – has also made our routine business of creating flawlessly working websites a lot easier.
There are some definitions which need to be elaborated on in order to get a better idea of the most important factors for choosing a top website hosting companies.

Domain is integrated into package

When you order your server from any of firms providers listed on this page, they will offer you the registration and maintenance of the domain with no extra fee. More important than the fee itself is the fact that the integrated registration and renewal process makes your life much easier. Instead of renewing two things and making two separate payments (for the server and domain), you can make just one and have less things to worry about.


Our clients often ask us what is the best web site hosting provider with reasonable price. Instead of looking at the prices when selecting a domain and server, we suggest our clients to start by comparing the actual services companies provide, finding out what kind of support is available, checking the server physical locations, making sure whether the internet domain is included to the whole package etc. Choosing not so good service company may cause you a lot of headache: slow page response times, excessive downtime, annoyingly unprofessional support and many other problems, which you can avoid by just making an aware choice from the very beginning. We have experiences with all companies listed on this page and they have proved to be good. Thanks to the international orientation and the volume of the servers, all prices are quite of the same modest range.

Response time of network

Script’s execution speed depends on how fast and powerful servers particular operators have. Most companies publish the technical data of servers on their websites. Another quite important parameter is the network’s speed measured in milliseconds. Literally, it means the length and the speed of the internet cable connected to the service provider’s servers. The good thing is that you can measure it yourself by clicking "Start" => "Run" =>, type in "command" =>, and then type "ping domainname.com". Any number below 100 ms is good; the faster is always the better (because sites appear on visitors’ browsers quicker). Better servers and faster internet network connections enable to serve pages to more visitors at same time without any problems. Choosing the best web sites hosting companies with good web connection, which is located nearby you in the USA, Canada, Europe or even in Australia is extremely important for creating great user experience for your visitors.

Service hours, helpdesk availability

It would be wise to make sure what kind of customer service a particular service provider offers: are the communication channels like e-mail, instant messaging or phone suitable for you. Usually, the technical maintenance of domains and servers is provided 24/7 by the business, but customer helpdesk may not be open all day round. Also, take a look at companies' guidance materials and FAQ pages, and make sure whether there are enough good manuals available and whether they are easy to understand.

Which web hosting company is the best?

Our clients keep asking us which web site hosting companies are the best. Our first suggestion has always been to consider your specific site needs – how much server space, bandwidth, domains, databases and e-mails do you actually need –, and after that decide which best web site hosting companies' servers are most suitable for your needs. In order to make the selection process between different companies easier, take a closer look at the best web hosting companies sites featured. There you will find which parameters are the most important when choosing the server for your website.